Meet like minded people at the shed, learn new skills and share old – together we build great things and give back to the community.

The Menzshed is a place to get together with others and be involved in the community.

Maybe you have time on your hands since giving up work? You have lost touch with your workmates and miss the company you enjoyed while working. Perhaps you have you sold the family home, leaving behind your workshop? Do you miss the satisfaction of working on projects.

Menzshed could be just what you need!

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Latest Projects

Community pantry

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People are encouraged to share what they can at new community pantry Menzshed volunteers were called on to supply materials and build this pantry. Sarah Hughes, 17, hopes the shelves of her...

Carncot Nectar Feeders

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The Sustainability Action Council members have been busy lately, with help from the local Menzshed. With thanks to Mr Brian Rickard, and his colleauges from Menzshed, we have been making...

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